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The Ugly Behind The Beauty Industry - Why 202 Is Going Green

Hello Humans!

As a beauty professional, I can attest to feeling wasteful and guilty for the immense amounts of chemicals that I have witnessed being tossed in the garbage or down the drain. In the back of my mind all I can think about is how these chemicals that we use to make your hair beautiful can seep in and effect our water lines - gross. I have done a full head of highlights and can use and dispose of 45-100 foils without acknowledging the potential alternatives to just being thrown in the trash. This is why I am enthused to announce that 202 Beauty Lounge is now the first carbon-neutral salon company in our beautiful hometown of Waco, Texas.

While the guilt of all of our waste looms over my fellow environmentally conscious stylist's and I, it leads to the question of, "What kind of impact are we leaving on the Earth we call home?" The answer is simple, a bad one. So bad, in fact, that the beauty industry accounts for up to 120 billion units of plastic per year and the destruction of 18 million acres of forestation annually. Salons produce a plethora of waste with the constant use of gloves, waxing sticks, processing caps, chemicals, foils, the list goes on. The amount of damage salons cause nation wide is astronomical, we are not only harming the environment but directly harming ourselves by allowing plastics and toxins to reenter our bodies through the environment that is meant to sustain us.

On a lighter note, there are numerous possibilities for change. As we take the initiative, we are ensuring the accountability of our service providers and that we can bring forth a better future for our world. This has allowed us to not only recycle plastics, but practically everything we typically discard. From the hair we cut from your head, to extra color leftover from your root touch up, to the foils we place during your balayage, to the plastic water bottle we offer you when you arrive, you help reduce our environmental footprint all while you relax and enjoy your experience being pampered in our salon chairs. Although we cannot reverse all the damage we've caused to mother nature, we can strive to nourish her rather than tarnish her further. I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing company and take pride in our journey to revolutionize the way we do beauty.

As a fairly new stylist, it is extremely motivating to know that I can do what I love while being mindful of our planet. This can be a rather emotional topic for some, but I believe in the importance of working together to improve our home, as we all live here. I would like to give a special shout-out to our leader, Susan Fisher, for optimizing our salon into being a part of something meaningful and leading us into the future of beauty all while we give thanks to our beautiful planet. I truly believe that we are all in this together, and together we can make a huge difference! Join us Waco, and help keep Beauty Beautiful.